Some Boots are made for ranching

They say that the eye is the window to the soul. As a shoe lover, I have often found some satisfaction in changing that phrase just a wee bit to The eye is the window to the sole… this is a long standing internal joke of mine. Maybe you can’t judge books, or people,... read more

Kids Allowed At The Ranch

One of the many joys and challenges of raising a young family is finding memorable family vacations.  If your family has a variety of ages and skills it can be extra challenging to find fitting vacations for everyone’s needs. This can be a major hurdle for... read more

Dude Ranch Luxury Treatments

by Cierra Sorensen Recently a friend of mine boasted that she was going to spend her entire Saturday morning getting a professional massage at a fancy spa. When she told me, my reaction was twofold. The “city girl” half of me said, “Um, purrrrrrrr.... read more

Digital Disconnects

I led a horseback trail ride down to the Klamath River years ago, guiding a grandmother traveling with her grandson. As we moved downhill towards the river, the majestic and expansive Klamath River valley was slowly unveiled before the young boys view. He excitedly... read more

They Put It in a Song

The iconic American cowboy is a famous figure. Who hasn’t heard of a cowboy or at least seen someone dressed like (or trying to dress like!) one of the good old boys? There are plenty of things that make cowboys great. But in my mind, the most famous and... read more

Dude Food

The American Cowboy lived a lifestyle that has since been watered down and romanticized through repeated retelling and reformatting. And over the years, one essential part of the cowboy lifestyle has been lost and literally left in the trail dust; their cooking. The... read more

A Season Of Harvest At California’s Dude Ranch

Autumn has always been my favorite season. It is a time to celebrate the harvest and life’s bounties during this season. Our ancestors celebrated this time of year with traditions such as the Thanksgiving holiday, Halloween and other harvest festivals. It is a... read more

The Liberation Of Saying “NO”

As is the case with all adventure holidays, dude ranching is also filled with inherent risks. The city dwelling visitor to a dude ranch hopes to excitedly step up and climb atop a horse that is wholly unknown to the rider. This ranch horse is a living soul with a... read more