Millennial Dude Ranching

A lot of things have been said about the millennial generation, which consists of those individuals born between the years 1980 and 2000. Many have claimed that this is the greatest generation of young adults ever to have lived. Others state that this is a selfish and... read more

Family Bonding Through Ranch Work And Ranch Play

There is a famous saying that I am sure we have all heard. It goes something like, “You can’t choose your family. But you can choose your friends.” Hearing this as a child typically solicited a wide eyed nod, as if to say, “Yes, sir! And I did not choose mine!” Not to... read more

Dude Ranch Seasonal Changes

The changing of season always ushers in a sense of excitement. The start or end of a school year, a shift in the climate, the grandeur of nature as it blossoms and matures. For most people, new seasons bring certain inevitable changes. We brace for the cold of winter,... read more

Dining Authentic At California’s Dude Ranch

Heidi and I often laugh quietly to ourselves when well-intended friends and family suggest that we promote a “Farm to Table” dining experience at Marble Mountain Guest Ranch. Usually this conversation is happening ironically as they unknowingly dine on our own ranch... read more

The Life, Leisure and Lunacy Of Caretaking The Ranch

It is difficult to understand a thing until you know how and why it functions. This, I know from painstaking experience, can be said of technology (who really knows how their internet works?) and it may be claimed of people too. I also believe that places can be... read more

10 Tips For Organizing a Dude Ranch Family Reunion

Organizing a family reunion is a daunting task at best. The intricacies of conflicting schedules and family dynamics are typically the first hurdles in reunion planning. Additionally, when you consider the mix of divergent family interests, opposing politics, varying... read more

A Season Of Seasons

One of the mantras here at our California Dude ranch is “If you don’t like the weather, just wait 5 minutes”. We can extrapolate that mantra into an annual weather mantra if we reflect on our transition from a 2015 drought year into a very wet 2016 El Nino year. “If... read more

The Best Horse Vacation

The simple question of “what is the best horse vacation?” is far too vague and subjective. If we can more precisely define the parameters of the term “best”, then we can perhaps find an accurate answer to the question. By identifying the needs of a vacationer in terms... read more