Jet Boat River Tour

Jet Boat River Tours of the Lower Klamath River

jet boat tour of the Klamath river

Offered as an upgrade to your weekly package fares, our jet boat tour down the Klamath River is a thrilling and educational ride through the center of the Yurok Indian Reservation. The Yurok reservation is a mile wide swath following the last 44 miles of the Klamath River as it flows to the Pacific Ocean.  Instead of an arbitrary block of land that is disconnected from it’s original inhabitants, this reservation fairly accurately represents the aboriginal lands for the Yurok people.

Klamath River Jet Boat Tours From California’s Dude Ranch

jet boat access to remote areas of the Klamath river

This is very remote heavily forested land, and is perhaps most easily accessed by traveling it’s life-blood Klamath river. The land based features, the biology of the area, the sustaining of this land’s peoples, and the culture of the Klamath River peoples is nearly wholly founded on the Klamath river.

Klamath River Jet Boat Tours Take Us from Summit to Sea

summit to sea via jet boat

We launch our custom built 22 foot Rogue Jet Boatworks inboard, to start our journey just downstream of the impassable coon falls. We start in a warmer inland temperate climate, with a lush mixed forest of Douglas Fir and various deciduous trees.  The inland wildlife is represented by bear, deer, elk, river otter and by birds such as osprey, blue heron, ouzel, and bald eagles.   Our travels downstream will place us in a cooler Pacific Northwest coastal climate and allow us to see the forest profile change to predominantly coastal Redwood forests, with ocean mammals, and sea-going bird species becoming more prominent.  The climate change is dramatic enough that we recommend two changes of clothing for the trip:  warm weather gear for the inland start of the trip, and coats or sweaters and warm caps for trip terminus at the Pacific Ocean near the ancient Yurok Village site of Requa. This trip is intimate and personalized, with a group size limit at 6 guests on the boat plus our staff. Because of the size limitations, we recommend early planning if you would like to add this day as part of your guest ranch itinerary.

The Klamath River – at the heart of the Yurok Indian Reservation

Yurok indians fishing the Klamath river for salmon

Along the way, we will likely witness Yurok families netting salmon for ceremonial purposes, for sustenance and for commercial harvesting.  Traditional Yurok villages with sweat lodges and dance pits are visible as we boat past village sites that are continuing in use, much as they were millennia earlier.

The Yurok nation is California’s largest tribe and is anchored to a reservation that is unlike most other native American reservations.? Here, the river determines the reservation, the people, and it’s culture.   The name “Yurok” means  “down river people” and is contrasted to their neighbors, the “Karuk” or upriver people.   Here, the four cardinal directions are not North, South, East, and West, but are “upriver, down river, away from river, and towards river.”   As we near the Klamath River bay and first gain site of the Pacific Ocean, two landmark rock formations become visible on the North and South ends of the bay.  These are the guardian spirits of the Klamath River and are most notably seen in the Northern rock formation known as “Oregos”, appearing to look rather like a woman carrying a burden basket on her back.   On the South end of the bay is her sister guardian rock that is more nebulous in form, and refusing to stand upright like her sister.

Oregos the guardian spirit of the Klamath

Jet Boat Tour Itinerary And How To Prepare For The Day

The journey from Young’s bar, our starting point, to the Pacific ocean takes 1.5 hours one way without any stops or exploratory detours. We plan on a minimum of 5 hours for the entire trip, to allow us time to savor the sites, visit accessible historic native sites, photograph wildlife, walk along the ocean beach, to fish a bit, and to enjoy a meal on the banks of the Klamath River.  We highly recommend you bring your camera, binoculars, sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, and some warm clothes. We are guests of the Yurok peoples here, and remind all of our visiting friends to be respectful of the people and culture that you will encounter during our travel down the river to the Pacific Ocean.

tours of the Klamath river via jet boat

Klamath Jet Boat Tour Rates.

There are two ways to upgrade and join us on the the Jet Boat Tour. Group sizes are limited to 6 participants on each tour so early reservations are suggested.

1. Jet Boat tour to the ocean on Mondays between 10:00 and 3:00 with lunch, beverages and snacks, or on Saturdays from 11:00 – 4:00 again with lunch and snacks included. $150/person

2. You may also extend through Sunday Morning by adding the tour on Saturday afternoons/ evening that includes fishing the lower Klamath River (as conditions allow) – (group sizes are limited to 6 guests on the jet boat). This extension includes Saturday evening lodging back at the ranch, and continental breakfast Sunday Morning prior to departure. $195 / person

Please call our office to add this to your guest ranch itinerary. 800-552-6284 FREE