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The Klamath River Area Report

Flowering Redbud on the Klamath River

Klamath River weather conditions, river levels, river water quality, and the status of public trails, roads and infrastructure all impact your visit to the Klamath River area. We hope this compilation of resources & data links helps in your planning a safe and enjoyable visit to the Klamath River corridor and to our California guest ranch in particular. Our area of focus for this report will be the middle Klamath corridor between Seiad Valley and Weitchpec with a focus on Somes Bar (our home). This is the Klamath River Section where we live, and where we are most capable of providing first hand information.

Klamath River Special Alert –  Road Construction With Long Delays on Highway 299.

Highway 299 between Redding and Willow-Creek is getting a major re-alignment and will be impacted for the next year or so with construction.  You should expect delays that can last as long as an hour on this route.  If you are coming North from South of Redding, we recommend you continue up to Yreka and proceed South on the Highway 96 towards Happy Camp.  You will  do a little back-tracking and will have about a two hour drive once you reach Highway 96 on this route.  However, the road is somewhat less windy and will save you the hour long delay you might find on the 299.

Middle Klamath Weather Conditions

Latest Somes Bar, California, weather conditions and forecast

Somes Bar, California, weather forecast

River Conditions fluctuate seasonally at California's dude ranch

Salmon River Flow At Somes Bar (from USGS)

River Conditions fluctuate seasonally at California's dude ranch

Klamath River Flow Below Seiad (from USGS)

USGS Water-data graph

Klamath River Flow At Klamath Glen (from USGS)

USGS Water-data graph

fall Splendor on the Klamath River

Road conditions There may be short delays due to construction and road maintenance on any of the inbound routes, but the highway 299 between Redding and Willow Creek should be avoided due to probable hour long delays.

United States Forest Service : trail conditions, lists of outfitters and general forest alerts.

Air quality forecast for Somes Bar (mostly important if there are forest fires in the North State)

Steelhead and Salmon entry – this is the spot I hold in reserve for my fantasy real-time graphs showing sonar fish counts as incoming steelhead and salmon move past the Hwy 101 bridge, as they turn up the Trinity, and as the remainder pass under the Hwy 96 bridge at Weitchepec. Hey, why not dream a little? For now, you can always get a Klamath river fishing report by calling Marble Mountain Ranch at 800-552-6284 TOLL FREE.

Klamath River Reflections in the Fall