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Maps of California’s Dude Ranch – Marble Mountain Ranch

California Guest Ranch

Marble Mountain Ranch is a 65 acre parcel surrounded by a quarter million acres of U.S. Forest lands and wilderness areas, including the Siskiyou Wilderness and the Marble Mountain Wilderness. Past incarnations of the Marble Mountain Ranch include a Hydraulic mining site, homestead ranch, logging camp, California Dept. of Highways construction base, school site, and more. This long history has enabled the development and maintenance of ranch infrastructure sufficient to allow survival in our very remote setting. The map below should give you a general idea of the cabin layout, and of the location of our main public buildings.

ranch map to Marble Mountain Ranch

California’s Dude Ranch – Mountain Trails And A White Water Mecca

The geologic foundation of a ranch’s real estate will determine it’s characteristics, features and activity offerings. The rugged and remote Klamath National Forest and and it’s life-blood Klamath River and tributaries underpin our signature “saddle/paddle” vacation at Marble Mountain Ranch. Here, we combine world class mountain horseback trail riding and white water rafting opportunities in one vacation. The Klamath River corridor is a white water mecca. It offers nearly every conceivable level of white water boating experience. Novice boaters and families, or experienced teams of experts can find water here that meets their boating needs. Likewise, the trails are varied, rugged and diverse in the riding opportunities they provide. As you view the images on this website, we hope you will gain an insight into the world class beauty and rare solitude that you can experience here.