Fish Lake

fly fishing in pristine high altitude lakes

Ranch Holiday Fishing Adventures At The Fish Lake

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In the afternoon and evenings of our Thursday itinerary we schedule an outing to Fish Lake. The native and planted rainbow trout, small mouth bass and blue gill keep the fishing active while you enjoy the day in this spectacular setting. The lake is bounded by heavily wooded National forest and lake margins filled with flowering lilly pads. We find the most fishing success by working from the center of the lake toward the lake margins and by fishing from our drift boats, rafts, and kayaks. We provide closed bail spinning rods for the youngsters and Shimano and G-Loomis equipment for the adults.

Fly Fishing Lessons At Fish Lake

learning to fly fish

This is also our favorite place to introduce fly fishing to our interested guests. Most of our first time fly fishing guests are able to entice rapid strikes by roll casting terrestrial fly patterns along the edges of the lake lilly pads.

The setting at Fish Lake is remarkably beautiful. The forest here is lush and full of wild life. We often see otters, eagle, osprey, deer and even bear. Since we are higher in elevation at this site, we suggest sweaters and warmer clothing for camp activities in the cooler evening hours.

Fish Outing With Campfire Games And BBQ

While the main agenda of the Fish Lake event is to fish, we keep our campsite base filled with drinks, pre-dinner snacks and organized camp games for those choosing not to fish. Consider bringing your artist’s sketch pad, landscape or wildlife photo lens, or a good book as alternate activities that are suited for the lake. This is GREAT country for landscape and wildlife photography so bring your gear if this is your passion. The lake also has a beautiful trail around the perimeter that makes a nice 1/2 hour hike.

BBQ and campfire games

As the sun sets, we bring the boats in to the docks, and start our evening campfire with a cook -out, fish fry, “smores” building, and campfire games. The evening and day are perfect for family bonding and letting the kids experience a lake-side camp scene. Our fish lake adventure is located off-site from Marble Mountain Ranch, and our drive to the lake usually takes about 35 minutes in our vans and trucks. We usually have you back to your ranch cabin at around 10:00 P.M. for a good nights rest prior to the next day’s ranch activities.

family fishing trip at Fish Lake

Fish Lake Gear – What To Bring

While we provide all the tackle, rods and equipment for the lake and camp adventures, you will still need to have a fishing license if you are 16 years or older. While at the ranch, you will have opportunity to purchase a license at the Salmon River Outpost as well as any missed supplies and some local homecrafted artwork. Your best time use will be to purchase your license on-line from the California Department of Fish and Game prior to arrival. You should also bring a change of warmer clothing for the evening, river clothing you can swim in, insect repellent, camera and possibly a musical instrument. You of course are always welcome to bring your favorite fishing tackle if you choose to travel with it to the ranch.

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