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Handgun Orientation Class at Marble Mountain Guest Ranch

Due to the limiting time constraints in our weekly ranch itinerary, we are going to replace our NRA pistol course offering with a shorter “handgun orientation”. This is an elective Thursday activity with various other activity options available to ranch guests who are not interested in the handgun class.

On our Thursday afternoon itinerary, there are a number of elective ranch activities that our guests can sign up for (apple cider press, lavender wand weaving, branding, etc etc). The handgun orientation activity option will be available to ranch guests that are at least 14 years of age and that have also successfully participated in our shooting range firearm activities during the previous days of the ranch week. There will be no additional cost for the handgun orientation and it is offered as an inclusion in your “all inclusive” holiday with us. However, it will now not in any way be connected to an NRA class or certification. This orientation will not meet any requirements for a conceal carry permit.

The purpose of the handgun orientation is to enable interested persons an opportunity to become acquainted with a variety of commonly used modern handguns. If you are considering purchasing a handgun, if you are interested in obtaining a concealed carry permit, or if you simply want to better educate and familiarize yourself with the topic this is a great opportunity to fill that desire and to “test drive” a number of commonly available handguns.

The orientation starts with a classroom discussion and continuation of Thursday’s morning introduction to handguns at the range. The class finishes with range time where participants can have an opportunity to shoot single action revolvers, double action revolvers and more modern semi-autos. Please feel free to give us a call (800-552-6284) or drop us an e-mail ( if you would like more information about this option for our Thursday itinerary.

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