American Adventure Holiday

American equestrian holiday

American Adventure Holidays

Escape the crowds and discover the American West on a Ranch-Raft-n-Ride holiday. Your adventure holiday here will take you riding and rafting through “drop jaw” scenic vistas, shooting authentic cowboy firearms, or fly fishing for Pacific Salmon and Steelhead. The prospect of grand adventure will draw you West, but the homestyle hospitality will bring you back.

American Adventure Holiday – finding the great and good places

The American adventure holiday or American ranch holiday is known in the USA as a “dude ranch” or “guest ranch vacation”. The American ranch holiday has global appeal. It easily crosses most cultural barriers and has an irresistible mix of participatory outdoor experiences set in spectacular natural paradises. When we take the call to wilderness adventure and add social camaraderie, abundant original cuisine, and whole family involvement, the American adventure holiday can simultaneously saturate all the senses. The American adventure ranch is one of those magnificent good places. It wraps individuality in magnificent size of place. It nurtures and revitalizes.

USA riding holiday

USA Ranch Holidays – allowing sufficient time

Most adventure ranches have programs built on week-long visits. Experience has taught that sufficient time is key to adequately savor and process the sights, sounds, smells and new experiences of an American adventure ranch. If self identity can be tied to a relationship with place, discovering the “cowboy” in you will require adequate time on location in the American West.

American Fish Camp at California's Dude Ranch

The grand scale of landscape size in America can sometimes be difficult to wrap your mind around. America is a land where each state is the size most European countries. Rather than letting distance become a distraction, the clever traveler can turn the journey to the ranch into the metered crescendo of your itinerary. That needed decompression from the inbound flight can nicely be mitigated by slowing the ranch-ward drive with detours to additional treasures such as Yosemite, The Redwood Forest, or touring local vineyards.

American Adventure Ranch – choose the ranch that fits

While lodging amenities, activity offerings, and geography may vary ranch to ranch, the common threads are usually thrilling horse riding opportunities, fine cuisine, and legend Western hospitality. With hundreds of quality ranches to select from, the prospect of choosing a dude ranch can seem intimidating. An American adventure ranch can be based on a traditional working ranch, highly developed resort ranches, and adventure ranches that offer a greater variety of activities such as river rafting, fly fishing, and shooting sports.

rafting on USA holiday

Rates for a holiday at an American adventure ranch are surprisingly affordable. Remember that as a fully catered all-inclusive end destination, once you arrive, there are few if any additional expenses. Discount fares are available for seniors and youth and can be earned by booking early, traveling in shoulder seasons, or by negotiating for group rates for larger parties. In addition, the security of smaller on-ranch group sizes and the remote settings can provide good safety to families and to grandparents traveling with grandchildren.

childs horse riding at an American adventure ranch

We hope you can join us on an American adventure holiday as we share our ranch home in the California West.