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Two years ago Fred Williams brought his wife and two daughters, Eleanore and Anna, to Marble Mountain Ranch.  Most all of the youth that visit during our summer dude ranch program pitch a fit about having to leave and go go home at the end of the week.  Attempting to delay ranch departure, some kids have hidden their parent’s car keys, others have hidden themselves in the barn, and some just work the classic child’s ploy of whining, crying, and moping.  Fred’s girls were equally motivated to want to stay, but they were far more cunning in their approach to sway their parents.

Realizing that they were not going to be successful in negotiating for an unending tenure on the ranch, the girls began a subterfuge calculating a  return to Marble Mountain Ranch the next summer.  It went something like this:

“Mom, Dad, you would both be really proud of us if  we were both able to get straight “A”s at school, right?
You betcha girls!  We would be sooo proud of you!
(the trap is set)
So, don’t you think it would be worth it, if we we both got straight “A”s at school next year, that you could bring us back to Marble Mountain Ranch next summer?
(The trap has sprung and there is no escape!)
Sure thing girls, If you both got straight “A”s at school, I would do all I could to bring you back.
(The classic weasel maneuver that allows an out, if things don’t work out for a pay-off)
No dad – you would guarantee a return to the ranch, if we put all of our heart, energy, and soul into our studies, Right? and if we did pull it off with the straight “A”s, you wouldn’t let us down would you?
Uh….No girls, I promise, I would bring you back to Marble Mountain Ranch if you both got the straight “A”s
(The deal is done, and inked)

So, this year, we have Fred and his girls returning to California’s Dude Ranch, and Mom and Dad are indeed proud of their straight “A” students/daughters.  We look forward to their return, and we will be arranging preemptive defensive strategies with staff to counter youthful manipulations.  Gotta love these girls!

Dude Ranch Vacation for kids

A straight “A” student, with friends, at California’s Dude Ranch Vacation




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