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Marble Mountain Ranch Rafting
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Klamath River Rafting With Raft And Ride Packages

Family Raftng

Klamath River Rafting is suited to whole family participation, with warm Summer river flows, great swimming, and beginner to intermediate level rapids (class II and III). The white water rafting and kayaking adventure at Marble Mountain Guest Ranch is scheduled in the warmer afternoon hours and covers a new and exciting stretch of the river each day. Our afternoon departures place us on the river after the first push of rafting traffic and gives us an almost exclusive use of the canyon. This strategy also enables our signature “raft and ride” program of scheduling horse rides, and shooting in cooler mornings with rafting trips in the warmer afternoons. Since we are central to each of these rafting locations, shuttles take no more than 35 minutes to the launch site on any day.

Klamath River Rafting Trips – Great Solitude & Wildlife Viewing

Marble Mountain Rafting

Flowing gently through the land of Big Foot in the Siskiyou Mountains, the Klamath is the perfect river for grandparent travel, families and groups to enjoy while relaxing and appeasing the soul. Otter, beaver, osprey, eagles and a myriad other creatures rarely seen in the wild (yes, sometimes even BIG FOOT!) can show you their secrets here. The curious will also discover sparkling side creeks with hidden swimming holes, waterfalls, deep pools housing trophy game fish, secluded sunlit beaches, and maybe even an overlooked golden nugget. Many of our guests consider the Wednesday raft trip with hike to Ukanom Falls to be one of the highlights of their vacation. Our signature day at Marble Mountain Ranch is this “Saddle Paddle” combo or “raft and ride” day that combines afternoon rafting/kayaking and morning trail rides in our guest ranch itinerary. The Klamath Saddle-Paddle is exclusive to Marble Mountain Ranch and mixes new and different rafting stretches during three days of our schedule.

Klamath River Rafting Trips- Personally Outfitted By Tenured Local Guides

As local outfitters, we know the Klamath, Trinity, and Salmon Rivers intimately and can guide you to a safe and enjoyable rafting trip. As with all of our events, rafting is also personally outfitted by ranch family and staff without handing you off to a third party outfitter. Rafting in paddle-rafts, oar powered rafts or even inflatable kayaks is an option that does not affect the price of your trip, but does affect the level of participation. Kayaks allow the greatest level of participation, and the oar powered rafts allow you to simply enjoy the ride without requirement to paddle.

For those visiting before the month of July, we also offer adventure seekers several stand alone rafting options on the thrilling California Salmon River, the Scott River, and on Clear Creek. The Cal Salmon, or “Slammin Salmon” is for advanced white water enthusiasts visiting in the Spring, and is not included as part of our normal Summer family guest ranch program. Rafting trips on the Cal Salmon and our other advanced Spring Runs include free rental of wetsuits, poly propylene thermals, and splash jackets as part of your fare. This is one of the rare opportunities where you can mix private lodging and original upscale cuisine, with world class rafting. Join us in the Spring as Marble Mountain Ranch ramps up the adrenaline to become the premier California White Water Rafting Lodge.

Would you like to learn how to guide white water rivers by raft, drift boat and kayak? Think of all the fame, peer recognition, and economic opportunity! Come join us for our annual Spring Guide School. It is a 6 day course scheduled for Monday through Saturday the first week of June, and is designed to bring you to a class III competency, allowing you to boat privately or commercially. Our river guide school is the prefect foundation for building skills necessary to guide advanced class IV and V rivers. The cost is $975 and covers all lodging and meals, instructional material, and daily time on the river. Enjoy this preview of our white water guide school text.

Stay informed on river flows and road conditions by following The Klamath River Report!

Marble Mountain Ranch is an equal opportunity employer operating under special use permit from the U.S. Forest Service and the California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife.  We are licensed, bonded and insured and have been in the outfitting and guiding industry since the 1970s.

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