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Marble Mountain Ranch Riding Video
Marble Mountain Ranch Riding

Horse Riding Vacations At California’s Family Dude Ranch

Marble Mountain Ranch Riding

Horse riding vacations In California’s Klamath National forest provide a thrilling mix of stunning scenery and fabulous mountain trail riding. We ride through ancient Doug Fir tree stands to high vistas with views across deep river valleys and granite ridge tops. The terrain here is dramatic, varied and rugged so horse and rider are provided an evolving backdrop of challenges, obstacles and landscapes to ride through. The scenic grandeur and rewarding challenges of mountain trail riding create a remarkable opportunity to join horse and rider with the historic American West and a natural outdoor setting.

Horse Riding Vacations Programmed To Match Your Abilities

Marble Mountain Ranch Riding

Horse rides at our family guest Ranch are choreographed to match your riding skill with appropriate horses and the trails. Group sizes typically limit at 6-8 riders with a maximum staff ratio of 6 horse riders to 1 wrangler. After check-in we will meet you at our covered riding arena for a riding orientation and quick analysis of your riding prowess. With clearance from our wrangling staff, more advanced horse riders will ride more challenging trail sections during the week. Advanced trail rides are typically longer and more distant. They cross creeks, ancient mining flumes and other trail obstacles. The more advanced trail rides are especially noted for rapid gains and losses in elevations as we traverse the mountainous terrain of the Klamath Forest.

Riding Options & Information

Marble Mountain Ranch Riding

Opportunities for novice horse riders and younger riders include round-pen and arena horse riding instruction. Arena riding is instructional in purpose and formatted in engaging games designed to simulate trail conditions found on our local trails. Our focus in the arena is to build horsemanship skills immediately applicable to mountain trail scenarios. We also assign our novice riders to easier trail sections and level ranch perimeter trail rides that are shorter and closer to our ranch base. Novice riders will find the Western Riding style to be user friendly, while experienced English riders will find the application of their existing horsemanship skills in a new setting to be rewarding. Our horse riding vacations are based on stock that is bred and trained by our staff and family so that we know intimately the personalities and traits of our horses. Here are some of the horses in the dude string that you will meet on your trail riding vacation.

We keep our best stock available for our 6 day packaged itinerary and limit our wilderness pack trips to three day events spanning the Saturdays-Mondays between ranch packages, or as part of specially scheduled events. Overnight wilderness pack trips allow you access to alpine lakes for dramatic float-tube fishing and unparalleled photography and wild-life viewing. Horse back trail riding on a wilderness pack trip will also give you a taste of the century old Salmon River Pack system that allowed our forefathers to access the spectacular and dramatic Marble Mountain Wilderness terrain. As schedules permit, we can also provide a stand-alone ?drop camp? wilderness pack service to destinations on the Western side of the Marble Mountain Wilderness.

The minimum charge for a drop camp is $500 and includes a packer with horse and up to three other horses to ride or pack. A fourth or fifth horse is an additional $100 each. With the sixth horse and beyond, there is an additional charge of $175/day to cover the cost of an assistant wrangler. Each horse can carry about 140 pounds dead weight or 240 pounds live weight maximum. The maximum trail distance for single date rates is 10 trail miles. Longer rides will incur partial or additional full day charges.

Horseback riding on mountain trails requires participants with proper attire and some minimum physical conditioning. Please come dressed with long pants, sturdy shoes or boots, a hat and no large or expensive jewelry. Your boots should have a 1″ heel minimum and have soles smooth enough to allow easy extraction from the stirrups. We encourage all riders to wear a hard hat. We allow adults to choose the option of wearing a hard hat on walking rides, but require all minors under 18 years to wear an equestrian helmet. Sorry, riders must weigh less than 240 pounds. For rides leaving the level ground portions, you should be able to get on and off their horse unassisted. If you have members of your family that have never ridden before, you might also consider maximizing your experience here by taking a few basic riding lessons at home prior to arrival. Safety is our prime directive in guiding you and your family to an enjoyable and safe trail riding vacation.

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