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Marble Mountain Ranch Arena Riding
Marble Mountain Ranch Arena Riding

Learn To Ride Western Trails At The American Adventure Ranch

Marble Mountain Ranch Arena Riding

Riding instruction is offered as part of your normal riding holiday at Marble Mountain Ranch and is included in your fare. We teach a Western “Mountain” riding style drawing curriculum from Sally Swift’s “Centered Riding”, from Cherry Hill’s “101 Arena Exercises” and from our experience as outfitters in a wilderness mountain setting. Our arena instruction is aimed at helping you enjoy the spectacular scenic trails of California’s Marble Mountain Wilderness and the Klamath National Forest.

Arena Riding Lessons Target Mountain Trail Skills

Marble Mountain Ranch Arena Riding

The arena at Marble Mountain Ranch is a 100′ X 150′ covered arena with a groomed base and overhead lighting. Evening riding is now possible under the lighted canopy of the arena. You can now ride with a view to the surrounding forests and mountain peaks, while being protected from the direct rays of a mid-day sun, or the pelting rain of a surprise storm. The point of the covered arena is security, safety, and comfort. Gentle cross breezes move the air through the arena while both horse and rider feel secure in the setting. The arena is the ideal venue for novice or timid riders to push the envelope of their skill sets. We convert classic gymkhana into Western “Trail-Khana” with challenges that mirror our trail landscape. The school horses are stable, well trained and comfortable both in the arena and on the trail. Our school horses nicely match the size and comfort levels of a broad range of new riders and include ponies, small horses, and full sized stock.

Adventure Ranch Trail Riding Instruction

Marble Mountain Ranch Arena Riding

Novice riders progress form arena to open trail

Once you have mastered the skills required to properly cue your horse, and to stay centered in the saddle, we venture out of the round-pen and arena and include level ranch perimeter trail rides that are closer to our ranch home base. Our intermediate riders gain further instruction on riding at the trot and the canter. We  provide and require helmets on all horse rides.   If you own your own equestrian helmet you may of course bring it for use while on horseback at Marble Mountain Ranch.

Our equestrian program is based on stock that is bred and trained by our staff and family so that we know intimately the personalities and traits of our horses. Here are some of the horses in the dude string that you will meet on your trail riding holiday.

Horse Riding Lessons and Trail Rides Require Proper Dress

Marble Mountain Ranch Arena Riding

Horseback riding on mountain trails requires participants with proper attire and some minimum physical conditioning. Accordingly, we ask that you allow us to candidly assess your skill and conditioning as we plan the particulars of the rides you will be joining. Please come dressed with long pants, sturdy shoes or boots, a hat and no large or expensive jewelry. We encourage all riders to wear a hard hat.

Safe horse riding requires some minimal physical conditioning. Sorry, riders must weigh less than 240 pounds (110 Kgs) and be able to get on and off their horse unassisted to participate in advanced rides or in rides departing the ranch home base to more challenging trails. Safety is our prime directive at the Marble Mountain Dude Ranch. We hope to guide you to an enjoyable and safe equestrian vacation.

Whether you are coming from across the globe or are a local resident, you will find our horse and trail program to be a rewarding and educational adventure. We hope you will choose USA Adventure Ranch for a view of the American West with our horseback adventures and all inclusive vacation packages.

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