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Kid Friendly Dude Ranch

Best rated kid friendly dude ranches, or family friendly guest ranches are going to do one thing very well, they will keep the kids engaged in a variety of exciting events. In the words of the kids, “boring is the worst!” To this end, we at Marble Mountain Ranch go to great lengths to provide a non-stop itinerary of exciting and changing activities that are based on traditional Western frontier experiences. We have programs for the little ones so that they can safely enjoy the outdoors. The little ones can enjoy nature walks, arts and crafts, feeding small animals, harvesting chicken eggs that are still warm, and more.

Each morning of your child’s dude ranch vacation with us is packed with instructional arena riding games, riding lessons, scenic trail ride adventures, and an evolving daily exposure to Western shooting sports at our range. Our afternoons are filled with daily rafting, kayaking, and fishing. Evenings offer campfires, lariat challenges, fish-outs, and Western frontier games. When asked which activity was the “favorite”, many of the departing ranch guests struggle, because they enjoyed “it all.” Turn up the volume and listen to little Joe tell grammy what he liked at the kid friendly Marble Mountain dude ranch:

Family Oriented Ranches Engage Kids In Shared Events

Kid Friendly Vacations

Two divergent approaches to kid participation in the ranch industry are :

1. Create a summer camp atmosphere with councilors directing age based youth groups
2. Enable whole family participation so that parent and child may bond through shared activities

At the Marble Mountain Guest Ranch, we are strong proponents of the latter option. We plan our schedule of events so that, as much as possible, families will share a common adventure while on holiday. Your family will raft together, eat together, fish together, and as much as possible ride and shoot together. We understand the constraints of age limitations, but we also understand the need for families to bond in shared wholesome recreation.

Disconnect From Technology to Maximize Participation

Kid Friendly Vacations

Another key point in empowering the family bond while on holiday is to disconnect from technology. Loosing the ear-buds, the cell phone, the cloud of Facebook “friends,” and the meaningless “tweets” will move children to directly communicate with those in close physical proximity (family and peers in a shared experience). There is no cell coverage at Marble Mountain Ranch, and there is WiFi only available in the lodge, for those who must stay in contact with business obligations.

Peer Support Enables Full Participation

Kid Friendly Vacations

With a targeted guest audience of families, we find that there is most often a weekly guest population with enough youth peer support to create appropriate socialization. Many of our youth guests depart at week’s end with lifelong pen pals and e-mail friends that are continued across the globe. Our ranch holiday’s create new global friends for Kids sharing dude ranch adventures.

A Youth’s Hierarchy Of Needs Places Food Over Adventure

Kid Friendly Vacations

The glue that holds it all together for a kid friendly dude ranch is going to be the food. Regardless of the activity success, if the food is a disappointment, so is the vacation. The culinary experience at Marble Mountain Ranch is upscale, varied, authentic, original and exciting.   The food can make, or break, a vacation. Our reviews attest to the success of our culinary staff in this regard.

For a kid friendly vacation that your family will lovingly recall for years, we invite you to consider the Marble Mountain family dude ranch.

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