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Personally Managed and Operated by Ranch Owners and their Family

Family dude ranches and Western guest ranches typically have some level of direct involvement by the ranch owners and their family. But few American dude ranches can duplicate the Cole family’s personalized operations at Marble Mountain Ranch. By placing family ranch owners and partners at all the strategic front-line staffing positions, we guarantee that your visit is all you hope for. Lets meet your hosts, the Cole family!

Marble Mountain Ranch Family

Doug Cole, the family patriarch and ranch owner: riding since 1962, rafting since 1968, outfitting since 1981, ranch owner since 1994. “I followed my passions into my career path. Ranch specialties include wrangling, fly fishing, rafting, marketing, maintenance, and distributor of his quirky and dry American ranch humor. Proud founder and director of the “Somes Bar Liar’s Club” and Patron to the “Somes Bar Department of Redundancy Located In Somes Bar”.

Heidi Cole, family matriarch and ranch owner: life long outdoor enthusiast, horse rider, class V river guide, and executive chef of Marble Mountain Ranch. Heidi is a master organizer and shows an indomitable spirit in service to family and ranch guests. As an added bonus, she backs the boat trailer, guides and wrangles, drives the tractor, tends the gardens, sews the quilts, defends the cause, and looks stunning at the theater! Sorry, she has no sisters.

Marble Mountain Ranch Family

Aaron Cole, second son of Doug and Heidi: Doctor of optometry, and father of three, Aaron returns to the family ranch periodically to wrangle, raft, run the trap house, and put his daughter Caroline on horse back. His favorite ranch tasks are to run the tractor, and yes, to run the leaf blower. Aaron partners in program development but will sadly have decreasing ranch involvement unless he keeps his lovely Chilean bride, Claudia, in America and sets up an optometry practice on the ranch. You never know!

Adam Cole, third son of Doug and Heidi: Outdoor guiding and the arts in every form draw Adam’s love. He has a passion for photography, music, sculpture, computer technology, rafting,  shooting sports and massage therapy.   Adam has just finished his B.A. in Russian and Eastern European Studies and has completed coursework and internships for massage therapy.   His wife Chelsea has just finished her degree in sociology. Chelsea is one of our lead wranglers and is a key culinary staff and shift leader in the kitchen. Chelsea is also an accomplished musician and showcases her talents at evening campfire sing-a longs.

Adam is a certified NRA Firearms Instructor and Glock Armorer.

Cierra Cole (now Cierra Sorensen) is the youngest child and only daughter to Doug and Heidi. Cierra is simply amazing.  She is studying music and creative writing at the university level, she guides on the river, leads a shift in the kitchen, and steals the show at the ranch talent nights.  Cierra has a remarkably compassionate soul and it is reflected in all her service efforts to guests and visitors at our family guest ranch. She is married to Jason Sorensen and is the mother of two.

Jason Sorensen, husband to our daughter Cierra, is studying chemistry and ultimately hopes to teach at the University level. Jason river guides with us during the Summer, and is a range safety officer at our shooting range. His passion for the shooting sports dates to his childhood shooting traditional black powder with his father. He also, just plain likes to blow things up. Yep, he is a chemist at heart and is working on graduate level research on laser induced chemical reactions.

We hope you will join our family on an American Ranch holiday that you will cherish forever. Doug & Heidi Cole

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