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Each year Marble Mountain Ranch offers special events in our guest ranch off-season months to encourage our guests with special interests to join us when we can better serve these needs. We are pleased to offer two new events this year that we think you will enjoy. These two weeks are the only times when we allow our guests to bring their own horse if they choose.

American Competitive Trail Rides

Competitive Trail Rides at California’s Marble Mountain Ranch

We have joined a special group of horse owners in an association known as ACTHA ” American Competitive Trail Horse Association

We will be hosting two rides in conjunction with this organization for our 2015 season.  These are two day competitions, with a fun trail course on Saturday (Competitive Trail Course – or CTC) and an arena course on Sunday (Arena Obstacle Course – or AOC).

Horse Back Trail Competitions

Bring your own horse and ride at California’s Dude Ranch

While the competitions themselves are great fun we have also added a special week before each event for riders who would like to extend their time with us just a little bit longer. These add-on weeks will give you the opportunity to not only ride with your own horse, or one of ours if you choose, but you will also get to take advantage of our all inclusive programs and pricing. While you are with us you will get to trail ride, participate in arena events, shoot, raft, fish, join in cooking classes with our executive chef, and improve your cast with our expert fly fishing guides. The last two days of your stay will encompass the ACTHA rides and Arena Competitions. These weeks are designed for guests 18 and older.

Spring ACTHA Ride: May 23 & 24, 2015

Sign up for the Competitive Trail Course here:

Sign up for the Arena Obstacle Course here:

Extended week – May 18 to May 24, 2015

Fall ACTHA Ride: September 12 & 13, 2015

Extended week ” Sept. 7 to Sept. 13, 2015

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