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Ask any kid. Boring vacations are  lame. Boring is “rassclat rinky-dink. If the vacation is boring and the food is also chincy, you have reached the low levels of a youth’s hellacious hoopty bad vacation.


The Fun NEVER ends at California’s Dude Ranch

So, how do we avoid the hellacious hoopty bad at Marble Mountain Ranch? We exhaust the kids with action packed real-life adventures, one right after the other, with just enough down time for potty breaks and re-hydration. Then, we keep the good grub coming. We feed them, feed them more and better, and then feed them yet more and even better.   It’s a pretty simple formula, start with fun and add lots of great food!

Kids practice rowing a raft

Keeping the kids engaged is a key to an awesome kid’s vacation


One of the more popular social spots for the kids on the ranch is the drink cooler. We keep a 120 Quart Igloo cooler at our activities board that is iced and filled with fruit drinks, sodas, mineral waters, teas, and hydrating sports drinks. Imagine that! All you can drink!   There are a few caveats to accessing the drink cooler kids ”

First, wash your hands before you fish in the cooler for that perfect liquid refreshment.

Second, consume each drink to its entirety and place the empty can in the appropriate recycle bin.

Lastly, parents are the stewards of the child’s diet! If you drink a sugary drink or a caffeinated drink, you get clearance from ..dum dum dum¦.MOM and DAD!

It’s fun to hear the kids respond to my end of the week survey question of  “what was your favorite thing this week? Some young-uns respond with “My Favorite was snack bags on the river! or “The drink cooler!

Well, as simple as this is, it illustrates a basic tenant of Maslow’s Laws of modified ranching primary needs ” keeping the kids physiologically cared for and satiated is the first step to their dude ranch vacation actualization and avoids the dreaded hellacious hoopty bad vacation.

Kids on an active horse riding vacation

The “Cluck” – kids learn to horse talk to their mounts – communicating with their animal partners

So, just toss the kids in the jalopy, avoid that crowded hoopty bad theme park with the endless boring lines, and tote them to the most cool and wicked swaggalicious ranch vacation¦ever!

Hoping to see you at the ranch!   Doug (Thats “Awsome Danger Doug” to you kids…)

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