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Raft and Ride Holidays enable a quintessential American Experience

Experience the American West via Horseback trail rides and via white water rafting. We call this exciting dual travel venue a “saddle / paddle” or “raft and ride” holiday. When mixed with exhilarating Western Shooting events, steelhead fly fishing, traditional ranch events and upscale original cuisine we can more fully show you a California Western vacation that is unmatched in variety and quality. Our daily schedule takes you on spectacular horseback trail rides and new and exciting river stretches that enable you to personally discover the best of the California West

California’s Only Saddle / Paddle Vacation

The California Dude Ranch has the only all inclusive saddle / paddle vacation that allows you to daily raft the Wild and Scenic Klamath River and Ride the “drop jaw” Klamath mountain vistas on horse back trail rides. Finish each day with uncompromisingly fresh and original cuisine and your adventure holiday will be complete.

Horseback Trail Riding Adventures At The California Dude Ranch

Horseback trail riding adventures at the California Guest Ranch are founded on a Western trail riding theme and on mountain trail riding arena games. We ride through scenic mountain trails and along the banks of the Klamath River. We cross pristine mountain creeks and view ancient native village sites. Trails take us to high vistas with views across the historic Somes Bar river valley. The California mountain terrain here is strikingly dramatic, lush, and varied. The horse rider is shown an evolving backdrop of trail challenges, obstacles and landscapes to ride through. This is one of the worlds most beautiful settings to view from horseback.

Horse Riding Adventures For Novices

Opportunities for novices, younger or timid riders include round-pen lessons, arena-style horse riding instruction, easier trail sections, and level ranch perimeter trail rides that are shorter and closer to our ranch base. Our Western equestrian program is based on stock that is bred and trained by our staff and family so that we know intimately the personalities and traits of our horses. Here are some of the horses in the dude string that you will meet on your trail riding holiday.

Horse riding Adventures Require Adequate Physical Conditioning And Proper Attire

Horseback riding on mountain trails requires participants with proper attire and some minimum physical conditioning. In order to safely ride trails away from the level ranch sections, we need you capable of mounting and dismounting from your horse unassisted. We also will verify your ability to start, stop, turn, and cue your horse to stay at an appropriate gate. Mountain trails are generally narrow, exposed and constantly changing in elevation, requiring mostly the slower gates to safely navigate the unique features in more vertical terrain.

Please come dressed with long pants, sturdy shoes or boots, and no large or expensive jewelry. We require all horse riders to wear a helmet while on their horse.  Our helmets are issued upon arrival during our introductory horse orientation and weigh-in, and if you chooses, you may also bring your own helmet. Sorry, riders must weigh less than 230 pounds and must be able to get on and off their horse unassisted to participate in more distant adventure rides. Safety is our prime directive in guiding you to an enjoyable and safe equestrian vacation.

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