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In the warm Summer months of June, July, and August, Marble Mountain Ranch is filled with the sounds of happy families and kids of all ages making life long memories.  Adults and Teens are experiencing life without their electronic devices and realizing it’s a pretty nice thing to not have the constant interruption of phones and devices.  Families remember what it’s like to have conversation around the table, youth find that they quite enjoy having face to face conversations, and the younger crowd run, explore, play, and laugh with endless glee.

But what of the other seasons?  Winter is not a season to visit us here at Marble Mountain Ranch. We are blessed to have all 4 seasons this far North in California but snow, heavy rains, and cold temperatures do not make for a fun Dude Ranch experience

Klamath National Forest In Snow

Winter on the Klamath can be daunting!

Spring is a beautiful time on the ranch as long as the weather co-operates.  However, the unpredictable nature of our weather in April and May can be difficult for younger, smaller bodied children.  We can have anything from warm, sunny days to  rain and even snow in the volatile spring months.

Having said this, there are some distinct advantages to visiting our ranch in the Spring. There are fewer guests on the ranch in the Spring and this allows for more flexibility in our activity schedule.  The guest population is generally a more mature group that lends itself to quieter dinners, evening events and campfires.  The spring wild flowers and tended gardens on the ranch are also particularly beautiful in late April and May.

In addition, the cooler Spring days enable longer trail rides as well as opening up afternoon rides that are typically too hot for comfortable riding in the Summer.  In some years the river is also fishable clear through May.  Higher Spring river flows can also mean more adventurous rafting.  Seasonal side creeks and cascading waterfalls that are typically dry in the Summer continue to enhance the beauty of Spring boating.  The scenic grandeur that surrounds us as we float down the river in Spring is breathtaking.  Snow capped mountains melt into beautiful lush green meadows filled with wild flowers.  New life surrounds us as we float down the river with the sounds of trickling water falls greeting us at every bend.  I have experienced the rivers of Spring for 42 consecutive years and it remains an engaging, magical season for me.

In the Spring, the creeks of the Klamath Forest flow high and cold

Spring time creeks flow through lush forests

Spring is not the season for suntans and swimming in the river.  However, the river offers a special treat of solitude and spiritual renewal to those willing to brave the cooler temperatures in April and May.  (By the way, we provide the splash jackets, poly-pro sweaters, and farmer john wet suits as needed)

With fewer guests and a more adult guest population we have a greater ability to have flexibility in our scheduling.  This is the perfect opportunity for guests wishing to have more time dedicated to any of our land based activities.  Longer trail rides, more time at the shooting range, additional ATV rides, and personal lessons in the arena are all available for our guests during April and May.

Finally, we can offer a discounted price to our guests who visit us in the shoulder seasons during one of our set aside “Adult Weeks.”  Please visit our home pages at to see our full program listings and prices.

Heidi Cole

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