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The last few days have been remarkably consistent.  The main stem Klamath has been flowing around 1900 cfs at Orleans with 300 additional cfs released at Iron Gate Dam.  The temperature of the main Klamath has lowered to around 57 degrees, but has some additional moss in the system.  And, the number of our caught fish have daily been around 6 half pounders and two adults.   Here is a sample of a typical adult from the last few days.  This mis Michael Caranci, from the Redding Fly Shop.  That rod on his arm is a “switch” rod.  It’s the hybrid of a spey and a single handed rod.  It was interesting in one particular regard, in that he was easily able to spey cast while working from a boat deck.  But,  I suspect Michael could spey cast while standing one legged on a slippery boulder, mid stream, with wind in his face, a gnat in the eye, and with bear fishing alongside.

fly fishing

During the last two weeks there has been a sand bar develop at the mouth of the Klamath that has stopped up-stream migration.  I suspect that it is the reason for the slower fishing we are seeing on the lower Klamath, since there would be no fresh fish moving upstream through the riffles, while already arrived fish have spread out over the reaches of the mid and upper Klamath.   The sand bar has moved, fish are now entering at the mouth, and we have a large rain pattern predicted for next week.  This should make fishing difficult during the rising river, but ultimately produce some quality fishing for the balance of October.

Here is another picture from the earlier part of the week:

See you on the rio.   Doug

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