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Yes!    We are getting some fish in the Orleans and Somes Bar Area!!!   Carl L. Dwight A. reported a busy stay with steelhead at the Orleans Riffle, and below.   If there are fish, this crew can get-em!.    We also have a guest (Ken Fortson)  from the Modesto area that had some quick action at Green Riffle.   We also saw some steelhead rising and salmon rolling today in a raft float from Persido to Sandy Bar.   So, tomorrow we will be sending out two drift boats and trying in earnest again to introduce some fresh steelhead to tight-line swung flies.

The weather today was Beautiful!   Cool fall temps, broken sky, and crisp/clean feeling air.   It just plain feels like steelhead season again….Finally!   The Klamath clarity still has some color, but the temps are dropping.

We will follow up with a fresh report tomorrow.


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