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My normal day is filled from sun up to sun down with endless tasks: Feed the horses, clean the cabins, rake the leaves, harvest, can the harvest, feed the horses, watch our grandchildren, drive the shuttle, breakfast, lunch, dinner for our many guests…well you get the idea.  Life is full of little payback moments though.  They all add up to a joyous, happy, and well lived life.  Today, as I often do, I took a few moments of solitude after getting everyone off on the river.  It was barely light. River mist filled the cold air that frosted my breath.  The river felt cold as I waded out even though I was in waders.  Once I was standing in my desired space I cast my line across the river and watched as it slowly swung across the current, cutting it’s own path through the water.  I looked up at the mountains, trees, and clouds of this beautiful place I am blessed to call home and peace filled my soul.  Fifteen or so casts later all of a sudden my line squeals with delight as my rod bends toward the water.  Twenty-five minutes later after much jumping, diving, and tail walking I am holding a 22″ adult steelhead and gently removing the hook from his mouth.  I bend over and cradle him in the water letting him take the initiative to swim away.  He flips his tail at me as he rushes away and once again I am left in the glorious peaceful solitude of the river.


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