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I keep hearing about the horrific crowding on the Trinity.  When I drive by the access points near Junction city or Douglas City and see trucks and trailers in over-flow parking up on the highway, it gives me that “disconnected-lost-in-the-crowd” feeling like I get in places like L.A. or San Diego.  I can’t imagine how hot the fishing would have to be to drive me to put up with those overcrowded fishing conditions.   So, take a look at what the Mid-Klamath looked like this week:

What you see is, one boat on the river.  That is a single boat pressuring the fish on the the entire run!  And in my biased, pointed, and humble opinion, the lack of road hum and highway traffic (Hwy 299) and the grand scale of the klamath canyon are all nice bonuses to a great fishing day.    Did I mention fish?   Here is our new guest Stu.  On his  best day of the last three days, he and his son took 7 adults and about fourteen half pounders.

I keep feeling like the Klamath is a party with no one attending.  I guess I should feel grateful about the lack of competition on the river, but it bothers me when people criticize the Klamath fishery with vehemence to the point of entirely discounting the validity of the fishery.  Granted, the fishery needs some major attention, but there is still a valid sport fishing experience to be had here.   As an additional point, if you take a look at the top picture again, you can get an idea of the spatial arrangement of the mid Klamath geology.   Notice that there is enough room to  choose the  fly fishing or conventional fishing tactic of  your choice.  Do you want to Spey cast?   OK!   Do you want to indicator fish?   Sure!  If you like the tight-line swung fly, THIS IS THE PLACE!

So, here is the latest report of fishing conditions.  We have fish scattered through-out the entire Mid-Klamath and those who can cover lots of water will find the fish.  The water temps are at about 53 degree, the clarity remains excellent, and the flows are only up a couple hundred cfs from this last storm (under 3000cfs is perfect).  Check out the DWR flow chart.
I’ll check in next week with a new report, and if you think you want a piece of this Klamath action and a section of the river to yourself, give us a call.   Doug

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