Dude Ranch Vacation Packing Suggestions

California Guest Ranch in Fall Colors

Actually, you don't need to bring much to enjoy yourself at California's Marble Mountain Ranch. Our "all inclusive vacation" rates include up-scale dining, three meals a day and beverages/snacks as you need.


Cabin Furnishings at California's Guest Ranch

Cabins come with all bedding and linens, bath towels, and hand soaps. You should bring all of your personal toiletries including hair dryers if you need them. Each cabin has a personal kitchenette with microwave and refrigerator at a minimum and some have full sized kitchens with cooktops and ovens. We do not provide daily maid service in our efforts to "go green" at our remote setting, but you may always request fresh towels, linens, or maid service as you need. Outside towels are provided for the pool, hot tub, and other outside events as needed. Depending on the activities that you choose to participate in, you will need clothing appropriate for that activity. In general you will need ranch-wear, river and fishing clothing, and riding clothing.


General Clothing And Gear Needs For Your Dude Ranch Vacation

Our mornings and evenings are cooler at the ranch even in the hot months of July and August. Bring a sweatshirt or light jacket for the cooler morning and evening hours, and light-weight shirts and pants for the warmer afternoons. Aside from your personal toiletries and clothing you should have mosquito repellent, a flashlight, sunglasses, sunscreen, and hat. Optional items might include a musical instrument for the campfire, good book, journal, photography gear, small binoculars, drawing/painting art supplies, and photos from home to share! Western clothing will be fun to wear while riding, at dinner, and line dancing. The more Western your clothing style is, the better you will look in your keepsake photos!rest and relaxaion at california's dude ranch vacation


Fishing Day Gear Suggestions

Fishing during our Fish Lake Guest Ranch events will require a California fishing license, which can be purchased on-line and dated for the Thursday of your stay. You will need the same clothing you will use during your rafting activities plus a set of dry clothes for camp that includes a light jacket or sweater. The evening camp site can be cooler, and also has a fair amount of mosquitoes in certain times of the Summer. Long sleves, and insect repellent are the key to a comfortable camp experience.


We provide all the rods and tackle for fishing. You will also need a California Fishing License if you are over 16 years of age and planning on fishing. As mentioned previously, you can purchase this in advance from California Department of Fish and Game, or during your inbound trip, from the Sportman's Den in Redding, or at the Salmon River Outpost store in Somes Bar. River shoes, outdoor clothing, Sun-screen and fishing licenses can also be purchased at Mount Shasta's premier snow board shop if you are arriving via the I-5 toward Redding

Fish Lake two girls


Dude Ranch Rafting Days - Required Rafting Gear

Adventure Holiday Raft TripYour all-inclusive vacation includes everything needed for your rafting trip except personal items listed below.

1. Waterproof Sun-Screen (available at our gift shop)
2. Sunglasses and Eyewear retainers (retainers are available at our gift shop)
3. Camera (inexpensive, disposable waterproof 35mm camera) NOTE: we take professional quality photos of your dude ranch vacation during your stay and these are available to view and purchase from our photo galleries.
4. Tennis shoes (will get wet), or river shoes or TEVA style river sandals.

Our Ukanom Falls hike on Tuesday's raft trip will be more comfortable if you have maximum foot coverage. Please do NOT plan on wearing Crocs or flip-flop sandals. Neither of these will stay on your feet or protect your feet sufficiently. You need a river shoe with a protective sole, secure attachment, and ideally with coverage of the toes and heel.

5. Bathing suit, shorts and hat. Some guests also bring UV protective long sleeve shirts or surfing rash guards as an alternate to minimize exposure to the California sun. We recommend that ladies bring a lightweight pair of shorts to wear over their swim suits.? This will keep them comfortable when sitting on the rubber raft as well as for rock climbing and sitting on the beach.

Rainy Day At the Dude Ranch! Now What?

If you are here during a rainy or cold day, we will provide a poly-propylene sweater, splash jacket, or wet suit as needed. This is included in your trip fare. Spring runs on the Cal-Salmon or Scott also include this gear as part of your fare. Please do not wear river sandals if you are doing an advanced level run on the CA Salmon or the Scott AND again, flip-flops or "23" are inappropriate on any raft trip since they will not protect your feet, or even stay on your feet.

Klamath River Rafting in the rain

Horse Riding Weight Restrictions and Clothing Requirements

For adults joining us on a trail ride, you will need to weigh less than 240 pounds. You must also be able to get on and off a horse by yourself if you desire to join us on more difficult and distant trail rides. If you require a "mounting block" to get on your horse you can of course join us in our arena games and on our rides that stay closer to the more level ranch center. Horse riding is a partnership with the two athletes of horse and rider. We must make risk management our prime directive in serving our guests. There are separate requirements and programs for youth. Please contact us directly to plan for your youth. We require and provide equestrian helmets for all minors and adult riders while riding at faster gates, and suggest them for our adult horse riders on walking gate rides.

Horse riders need to bring the following:
1. Riding boots or sturdy shoes - with defined heels and smooth soles that easily slide out of stirrups.
2. Long pants
3. OPTIONAL GEAR includes long sleeved light weight shirt to protect against sun, insects and foliage along the trails, hats, sunglasses, riding gloves & bandanas. trail horse and rider


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