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We have had rain over the last two days, but the river has held constant at 2200 cfs in Orleans and about 58 degrees.   Yes, there are fish.  Yes there are adult fish.  And yes, there are lots of half pounders.   I wont bore you with the statistics tonight except to say we are catching adult steelhead nearly every day.   But, no “grip and grin” photos tonight.  The real significant thing for me over the last two days has been the incomparable beauty of the Mid Klamath.  Here is the first of two shots I will share tonight.   It is one of my favorite spots for knock-dead beauty in a secret little fishing hole.   Maybe some of you will recognize it:
The second photo is a shot of my guest Joe Killian wading up to his chest.   He is an amazingly aggressive wader and an avid fly fisherman.   Unfortunately, Joe was not one of my guests who took an adult steelhead yesterday, in spite of his diligent effort.   For now, the solitude and klamath fall splendor are the rewards…along with a bunch of fiesty half pounders attacking  his traditional patterns swung on a deep running sink tip.

28 inch adult steelie

We are expecting showers the rest of the week, I do not expect anything other than great steelheading in beautiful remote settings for those that are visiting.   Like my new friend, Justin Miller at the Redding Fly Shop said, the rain, fog, fall weather just makes me get jittery thinking about getting out and fishing.

Good Night!    Doug

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