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Kentucky Horsemen Join California’s Marble Mountain Dude Ranch

The Marble Mountain Ranch “Cole Family” has been shrinking!  Three of my children have now graduated from college, married, and moved on to other careers and locations.  While my youngest son Adam remains on the ranch with his wife Chelsea, and assists in the management and operations, we still have a shortened resident labor pool.  So, It is now my pleasure to welcome to the ranch a new family of ranch residents and ranch talent.  Let me introduce our new friends and extended family to California’s Dude Ranch!


Floyd Hill

Floyd1Floyd is a third generation horseman and true cowboy at heart. He has spent most of his life in and around horses and has worked in many different areas of the equine industry. As a professional horse trainer, he came to love teaching new riders with his soft demeanor and patient personality. He finds greatest enjoyment in seeing others come to know the “way of the horse”. Floyd is also a handyman in every sense of the word ” if it’s broke, he can fix it and if something needs to be done, he’s on it. He feels immensely blessed to have a loving wife and great kids in his life and now becoming part of the Marble Mountain Ranch family, he feels as though his life is currently at a very good juncture! Floyd is very much a people person and quite the story teller so he is looking forward to getting to know all the future patrons of the ranch!

The following are a couple of the many quotes you will find that Floyd lives by¦

“Don’t worry so much about knowing the right people¦ just make yourself worth knowing.”

“I never met a man I didn’t like¦”

Tina Hill

Tina1Tina grew up with parents in the Air Force and has lived all over the U.S. and Internationally. Nearly everywhere she lived; she either volunteered or acquired work in some type of veterinary hospital where she could be with animals. Her love for horses started as a very young girl and her parents remember her being on the back of a horse by 3 years old. Her mother quotes¦ “If I hadn’t known better, I’d thought she was born on a horse!” As she got older, she began working as a veterinary technician specializing in high risk equine foaling and while raising her children, she worked clinically with small animals until recently, when she began working for MyVeterinaryCareer (MVC), where she now gets to place highly qualified veterinary professionals in great positions all across the country. She will tell you without a doubt, that Floyd is the love of her life and with all of their great kids, she feels blessed beyond measure. Being part of the Marble Mountain Ranch is a dream come true and she hopes to be able to connect in many different ways with the ranch family as well as future guests of the ranch!

Cody Hill

codie1Cody is a fourth generation horseman and all over adventure guy! Being raised on numerous farms with his dad, he gained much experience in the horse industry. Don’t mistake his quiet nature for not being personable because he’s a very fun dude and will help in any manner asked of him. Cody enjoys working with horses that have some, how shall we say¦ “behavioral hiccups”. He has a soft hand and calming personality which enables him to connect on levels some are unable. Whether he’s on the back of a horse, hiking, camping, on the water or on the slopes, one can guarantee, he’s making it a fun time! Also, if you need a hand with just about anything, he’ll be accommodating and helpful in the “cowboy way“! He is looking forward to working at Marble Mountain Ranch, being a part of an even larger family and being a valuable asset to the owners and future guests.

Abby Lang

 Abbey1Abby spent her entire young life in Kentucky before making the “big” decision to move to Marble Mountain with her family. She is an accomplished rider and riding and caring for horses is a passion for her. She brought her “baby” with her from Kentucky and he now towers over all the other horses here on the ranch, topping out at about 17 hands ” on trail rides, she has to duck quite a bit! She will tell you she loves anything “geek” related and thoroughly enjoys any outside activity. Her hobbies include hiking, swimming, shooting her bow and arrow (which she’s very accurate with!) and amateur photography ” you’ll be able to view some candid shots of you and your loved ones while visiting the ranch! Above all, she loves teaching people new things so they can feel the enjoyment of accomplishing something they’ve never tried! Abby is a dependable worker and can always be counted on to do the best job she can at whatever task needs to be done. She is thrilled to have such an amazing opportunity and hopes to be a long term fixture at Marble Mountain Ranch!

So- your dude ranch vacation in California is now going to be tempered with a lot of Kentucky talent and additional horse expertise!  We are already seeing the fruits of their labors on the ranch, and we know you will enjoy their company as well.


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