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We have enjoyed reading the responses from a short e-mail blast we did to this years customers.  We simply wanted to say “hi” and to put the word out about a Thanksgiving program we are offering.  Everyone has responded back with wonderfully heart-felt thanks for the experiences that they had with us.  One response in particular was overwhelming.

Marble Mountain

The family I am talking about was a father (Hollywood producer for special effects on movies such as Spiderman, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc) and his sons.  Mom had to stay back to tend the newborn family addition.  Their visit with us was so profound, that he sold is current production, moved to Omaha, and changed lifestyles to more closely mirror what they found here!   I think you might find this interesting enough that I am going to post it in it’s full form with the names removed:

Dear Cole’s:

Thank you so much for your invitation to spend Thanksgiving with you, but we’re going to have to pass this year.  You see much has happened since our visit, and a big part of it relates to you.  Our visit to Marble Mountain had a profound effect on the boys and me, and Erin and I decided to pack our bags and head back to the Midwest.  We’re living in Omaha now and looking at several farms in the general area.

I sold the rights and screenplay to my project, which funded our decision, and I’m currently producing and directing a musical theater production in Omaha.  It’s an original thing that I wrote based on the civil rights movement in Omaha, which was quite tumultuous – the damage created is still an intense problem that haunts the city.  Hopefully, I can build some bridges.  At least I feel it’s God’s work, so it’s all good.

In any event, have a great holiday.  We’ll be thinking of you.  It sounds fabulous.

All the Best,
John Doe

Sometimes I feel a bit like our business has a second calling in the Karma of the globe.  In addition to the obvious fiscal funding of our  “families Cole”, the profit motive is intertwined with a welcome invitation to the world to enter our home and for a brief period experience the net result of the traditional nuclear family raised in a rural, work laden, God fearing, peace filled setting.

As we serve our guests in the course of the week’s activities, we are able to bond with new friends of every religion, race, creed, politic, and lifestyle.  It seems that the vast majority of our guests are joined by a common search for soul enriching experiences.  Sometimes these moments come at unexpected moments as we share our time together in clean recreation, relaxation, and soul sharing.  Over 40 years ago, I experienced a connection with my life calling when I leaned back on my guide raft in the morning and felt the warming rays of the sun as I waited for the rest of our guide team to finish rigging their boats.  I have spent much of my life recreating that very moment from my first year of guiding

The growth and enrichment is not just uni-directional, but lightens the lives of the Cole family as well.  This last Summer, I saw our guest, Joan, and I new she was experiencing her version of that same moment as she watched her son playing in Rock Creek, and as she too was warmed by the sun.
We love our life together on the ranch, we hope you can join us in thecell row

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cf0 future, and we hope all of our guests who joined us this past year have had their lives touched and enriched.  Doug

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