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It seems that our past season has not only motivated movie producers to change life styles, but we have invaded the realm of teenage fashion trends!    This is a fun response from our last Thanksgiving e-mail blast that you might enjoy reading as well:

dude ranch

Hi guys,
Phil and I so want to do this, but Phil’92s great-grandmother will be visiting over the holidays whom we never see.  She lives in Miami. So the families are all putting together a family party that weekend.  I was waiting to talk with Phil’92s mom before I responded.

The ranch has provided the girls with such fond memories.  During their first week back at school they needed to write about their summers in class.  They both wrote pages and pages about their experiences at Marble Mountain.  We hope to make an annual visit out to visit you guys.  Also, I thought you’92d appreciate this ’96 I took Breanna to buy an outfit for school.  We walked around and around and she could’92nt decide on any one thing.  I finally said:  ’93Why can’92t you pick something?’94  She said:  ’93Well I think the problem is I’92m a cowgirl now, and I don’92t really fit here J.’94  She ended up with a plaid shirt and jeans’85

We hope you are all well.  Please keep us in the loop with updates, and we haven’92t forgotten about the photos.  Phil will send.

Hugs to the family’85
Aly Ben-Joseph

Heidi and I felt an unusually close kinship to the Ben-Joseph family and we look forward to to many return visits.  As to the fashion trends, we suggest that Breanna visit our daughter Cierra in the forthcoming “Marble Mountain Ranch cowboy fashion walk” as the girls demonstrate the proper application of the cowboy boot in formal dining settings.  I particularly am fond of the fixed blade bone handled sheath knife as a strikingly daring fashion statement.   Oh, Breanna, also never under estimate the attention demanding qualities of the foot-Teva tan.   This is a sure sign that you are a tenured river runner.   The foot-Teva tan is also particularly effective as an attention getter in highlighting minimalist shoe styles at formal events.  Ya know, I think it also might be a good time to build a ranch retreat with an agenda  of “How to properly accessorize for a dude ranch holiday”

On a closing note Breanna, let me highlight a couple of our favorite forward thinking fashion trend setters that you can aspire to  imitate in your dude ranch fashion aspirations.  Please pay special attention to the on-going development of their “Teva-tans” and we suggest less dependence on the plastic cup as a fashion accessory.

Well, gotta go find my plaid shirt and start the day.Doug

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