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Well, it’s our (Heidi and Doug) 30th wedding anniversary today, and the whole family was working.   Oh well, we have a raincheck day scheduled for later celebrations.    Meanwhile, on the Klamath, the fishing was phenomenal.   Scott and John Pew were my guests today and we started the morning off with a fish taken on a skated muddler…I get REAL excited when we get one to come to the surface.

Here is a picture of Scott releasing one of THREE adults he took today.   Scott took about 20 minutes to get the first steelhead into the net, and as soon as we re-grouped, we saw another steelhead jump high enough to entirely clear his body out of the river.   We quickly moved the boat into range and Scott fired off his cast.   BAM!!!  and SLAM!!! he had two steelhead in two consecutive casts!   Scott asked me “what is it you say?    Tight Lines and Clean Minds?”     No Scott, it’s “The Tug is the Drug”….but I kind of like “Tight Lines and Clean Minds”  too.

Our montra for today was “probe as we go”,   There were long voids in our trip down the river with no fish, but then we would find them.   Scott was all shakey and jittery after the first adult fish, by the time he got the third one in, his “arms hurt” but he was calm in the battle.

Some further observations:   The river is dramatically changed and the normal holding spots are not as productive.   This makes my day a bit more interesting.    Also, notice that Scott is wearing a life jacket.   I feel strongly about the need for life jackets in drift boats, so each of my guests gets a fashionably cool form flattering fishing life jacket with convenient tackle holding pockets and camo-colors.   Yes, you can accessorize your fall wardrobe with olive PFDs!

That’s all for now.   GOOD NIGHT!

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