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When we target steelhead on the fly, we sometimes also get salmon to bite the fly.   The does not often happen, but it does occasionally.   When it does, and when the fish is fresh, you can imagine the river battle that erupts.   Imagine,  a strong 25-30 pound salmon on a 6 wt fly rod.   Mike Pinelli (from the Peninsula Fly Fishers) was fishing with his son Andy in my boat when we targeted steelhead at a tail-out and amazingly connected with this King Salmon.  The fight lasted 27 minutes, the salmon pulled my boat through a downstream rapid, and Mike took the biggest fish of his life.  We had just moments earlier upgraded his leader, and put a fresh knot at his fly to enable getting this fish in the net.  There is seldom a dull day in this business.

Here is another shot:

intimidator steelhead

We have also continued to find steelhead in what is turning out to be a remarkable October.  This Fall has been stellar for weather, good company and shared adventures, and great fishing conditions on the Klamath.  Here  is one of this week’s steelhead.

Peter, my son is also a great addition to our guiding staff this year.   Can it get any better than fishing for steelhead with family and friends?   Sometimes life just seems too good to be true.   OK< wipe that tear from your eyes!   I’ll post a picture of Peter for you all to see sometime next week.   Doug

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