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OK, as past president of the Somes Bar Department of Redundancy Located In Somes Bar, I take pride in the accusation (or accolade) from Brad Holst yesterday.  As a professional communicator, Brad’s descriptor of my guiding style as “loquatious” should in theory carry some weight.   However, this is the epitome of the “kettle calling the pot black”.   Brad….is even more loquatious…and professionally trained to demonstrate said lucid oral deliveries.   What are we talking about?  My 20 minute answer to Brad’s question:  “Why did the mountain slip to the river over there?”   The Klamath weather may be hot or cold, the fish may be bighting or not, the river may be flowing high or low, but the guarantee for  mid Klamath fishing trips is always serene fishing, exquisite scenery, and even wit, flamboyant guide yarns, and abundant good conversation.  Oh, and did I forget to shamelessly promote my wife’s cooking at our guest ranch ?   Here is my new friend Brad, brother to my fishing compadres and fellow “soul soldiers” Dave and  Monty Holst:

Rafting & fishing

But how was the fishing you ask?   This week has seen a dropping river, clear water, moderate temperatures, and lots of fresh, hot fish.   We did not net any adults on our most recent outing, but the quantity of half pounders and their chrome bright ocean fresh complexions bode well for a push of new fish of all sizes.  If you choose a week to come up and fish the Klamath this November, this next week may be the “prime lie” for the fish calendar.  So, put down the remote control, and tell Mama that it’s time to steelhead.

As usual, the Holst clan demonstrates quality in delivery of fly lines.   Here is a cool shot of David:

Thanks for sharing the good times Dave, Brad and Monty, and we will see you next year.

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