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During the past three days we have been scouting the mid Klamath and taking a few commercial trips between Persido and Green Riffle.   The water clarity is still a bit off but the algae levels seem to be a lot lower.   We have had some cooler weather and a thunder shower yersterday.   More rain is predicted for the Oct 4-7 dates and water conditions should continue to improve.   We had an amazing day on Thursday hooking several half pounders and two adult steelhead in a short three hour run (tight line swung-fly presentations).   The fish put on a great show with aireal acrobatics and strong fights.   Yesterday was a bit slower but we still got a few fish.   I feel good about telling people that the Mid Klamath is fishable now,  but I still dont think we have the large runs quite yet that returning Klamath fishermen are used to.


Till later, Doug

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