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I am not often going to have as much information as I do this week.   We have had three boats out each of the last several days with preliminary scouts all week prior.  In a nutshell, I think the mid Klamath is still NOT the place to be steelheading.   Orleans was slow (one half pounder) and the water quality is very poor.   The Klamath is filled with algea and looks terrible.

fishing with dude ranchers

This last week we fished a boat three consecutive days on the Hoopa valley run, the Trinity gorge to Weitchepec, and on the Youngs Bar to Johnsons run.   The Hoopa valley run produced 4 adult steelhead for us and about a dozen half pounders in the three days, the Trinity Gorge run to Weitchepec produced 2 adults and 14 half pounders in three days, and the Youngs Bar to Johnson run proudeced two adults and about a dozen half pounders in two days of fishing.   We are seeing lots of smolt and juvenile fish come to the fly, but the half pounders and adults we slow to respond.   The Trinity water temp was 64-65 degrees each day, low  in volume and clear.   If I was going to go out a fish tomorrow between the Hoopa trinity area and the Klamath Happy camp region, I would try the Hoopa valley.  While the fishing was not spectacular in numbers of fish,  it was consistent in producing a few half pounders and an adult hook-up or two each day.  As an added feature, the weather has been quite enjoyable with temps in the 80s in the afternoon and 60s in the morning.

My suggestion is to fish early in the cooler hours and fish the shade-lines as the sun rises.   Long leaders seemed to help us also.

So, If you need more info, call us at our 800-KLAMATH  phone number or drop us an e-mail.   We still have some October open dates for fly fishing guide service if you would like to join us on the river.   Till next week, Doug


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