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The holidays are a time of gathering, reflection, and of planning. As families get together and reflect on past holidays, vacations and shared moments, the conversations often move to the topic of “Where is our next family holiday destination?

For the dude ranch and guest ranch industry, the Thanksgiving through New Years holiday season is a busy time of in-bound vacation inquiries. That being said, it is important to note that most small venue dude ranches have a guest capacity under 50 persons. An extended family group that incorporates 2-4 family units might mean that an enquiring party is looking at booking greater than half of the ranch capacity. This means that you must select a date that has minimal prior bookings in order to leave room sufficient for your family group size.


California’s Dude Ranch visits intimate small venue attractions

Last minute bookings at these smaller venue vacation destinations are most often not possible, since the prime booking dates often fill-up a year out. If you are considering a dude ranch or guest ranch vacation, and you hope to travel during the months of June, July, or August, then firming up your travel plans by the prior January is not too early. In fact, many of the prime weeks will already be filled by January.

A good portion of the dude ranches also have a loyal client base, that returns yearly. They finish another great holiday with their chosen ranch, and book the following year’s dates at departure from their completed vacation.

guest ranch horseback trail riding

horseback trail riding along the Klamath River Beaches

Additionally, if you are not retired and free to travel at your whim, then your date selections are further limited. Large party sizes will also be constrained by identifying the few travel dates that are open to the entire party.

Small venue size, loyal returning clients, restrictive travel dates, and competing advance planners all add-up to a call to action for prospective dude ranch vacationers.

Don’t Wait! Choose your ideal ranch, and make the call now, before you are disappointed by having your only available travel date blocked-out with a filled to capacity ranch.

See you on the trails or in the rapids,


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