Family Dude Ranch Vacation

The Benefits Of A Family Dude Ranch Vacation

Why choose a family dude ranch vacation over some other family holiday? The reasons discussed below are based on the contrasting points of active participation in outdoor adventures as opposed to passive observance of the events. Imagine yourself watching a western movie at the cinema. Then imagine saddling your own horse and personally riding out onto the wilderness trails for a first hand experience. You will smell the forest flora, feel the wind accross your face, and satiate all of the tactile senses.

Ranch Vacations Allows You To Really Experience Nature

Dude Ranch For children and families

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Modern urban life is fettered by “digital overload”. We see both youth and adults who prefer to spend endless hours fixed to their digital devices rather than engaging in participatory outdoor activities. During a dude ranch vacation you will have the opportunity to spend time in nature and interact with natural settings that are impossible to duplicate in urban life or in virtual reality. Rafting, horse riding, swimming, hiking and all of the typical dude ranch events enable you to personally experience natural reality, as apposed to synthetic virtual realities. You can explore a world beyond computers and smart-phones to rediscover the natural world and the simple joys in outdoor life.

Get Active And Share Common Adventures With Your Family

You will have plenty of opportunity to actively participate while sharing thrilling adventures with friends and family members. While visiting our vacation horse ranch you will be horseback riding, rafting, kayaking, fishing, and hiking in natural settings. Your personal involvement in thrilling adventures will invigorate and enliven you. Participating in commonly shared adventure will also create bonds and memories for the family that will be shared for generations.

Children Learn New Skills And Gain Confidence With New Experiences In Unfamiliar Settings.

Shooting Sports at the dude ranch vacation

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First time experiences happen regularly at California’s dude ranch. You and your children will engage in events and activities that are new to you. Some of these events might even challenge your comfort zones. Learning new riding skills,or shooting skills, or other traditional frontier skills will be rewarding and enriching. We often hear guests remark that they have shared a “life moment” while completing the hike to the waterfall, or while gaining new confidence on their horse.

Discover The Traditions Of The American Cowboy

Traditional cowboy life is physically demanding, difficult, and occasionally dangerous. It is also filled with romance, cultural history, gratification and fulfillment. The old school cowboy experience lives on at a family dude ranch in adventures that have morphed from traditional cowboy tasks. Join us as we saddle-up and ride the trails, as we learn to “toss a hawk” and shoot replica black-powder muzzle loaders. The culinary experience here will be nothing like what the cowboys had to endure, but the traditions of outdoor BBQ, au fresco social dining, and camp fire tall tales lives on at the dude ranch.

Cowboy traditions preserved at dude ranches

Grandparents, Parents, and children all gain from riding in the security of a covered arena

Time To Relax At A Dude Ranch

Too often in our busy lives, we forget to relax. You can forget the usual stresses of work, homework, and daily life when you’re with us. Yes, you can still connect with the home base via internet in the lodge if you need to, but the unpublished agenda in our daily schedule is to occupy your day with direct interaction in new adventures and personal relaxation. Enjoy each others’ company over a shared meal, a shared adventure, and another shared life moment. Your kids will not want to leave, and you will be hesitant to re-enter the work world after decompressing on the ranch for a week.

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We hope you can join us at California’s dude ranch and discover the benefits of a family dude ranch vacation.