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 Thursday the 17th of October was a day of elemental force.  Gail winds were blowing my boat upstream at times, making down-river travel a difficult venture.  Rain was often driven into our faces rather than falling on our backs.   The primitive survival instincts brought to the surface of our awareness led my guests Mike M. , Rich H.(Peninsula Fly Fishers) and me to belt the primal scream in the face of the elements.   What an “I’m alive” moment!   But, we were dressed for the storm and stayed comfortable.
Fly Fishing Holiday

The fishing was toughened up by leaf litter in the river, winds making the cast difficult, and rising river volumes.   But, the river temperatures were at a steelhead comfortable 54 degrees.   We saw regular pulses of steelhead rising completely out of the water near the boat and within ranch of our swinging flies.  Quick cast placements and a tight-line swing brought adult fish to both Mike and Rich.   Here are a couple of images from the day:

Some times I feel that the intense search for the steelhead bonds us into a karmic single entity with the fish, as we metamorphose and transform into each other’s reality….No, REALLY!!!!    Look how much Mike appears to be grimacing  just like his fish!!!  They have become the same living single unit of fish connected with fisherman!

I don’t recall seeing so many air-borne steelhead in years past and it was making wonder why they were so active above water.   Simultaneously I have notice a lot of scarring on the fresh fish from Lamprey eel attachments.  Are they trying to shake loose the parasite?  Mike’s adult fish was coincidentally carring an eel attached to it and when we brought it into the net, the eel disengaged and fell into the boat.   Check out the business end of an eel!

We took so much rain last night that the river blew…but we are at the end of this storm..   Our next guests arrive Monday evening and we have 8-10 days of sun predicted.    Since we have some open dates…If any readers want a chance at some of these fish (or eels)   Give us a call!

Till later, Doug

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