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 I am going to start by posting a graph of Klamath River flows at Orleans:

As you can see, the storm pattern we are exiting pushed the flow at Orleans to 30,000 cubic feet per second.   Last week we were fishing in flows under 3000 cubic feet per second at Orleans.   The river looks like mud.   So, do not plan on fishing the mid-klamath with any success untill we get some lower flows.

We have clear weather predicted from late today through the next 10 days.   My suggestion is to move above Happy Camp or even as far as above the confluence with the Scott river for the early part of next week, and then fish lower as the river continues to drop.  Fly Fishing for steelhead has in my experience often been productive on an improving river.   All indications by my judgement are that this next week could produce the magic combination of a cleaned river, dropping flows, and active fish.  And now, a good by picture of another fish from last week:

later, Doug

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