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USA Adventure Holidays to the American West

Does your USA adventure holiday to the rugged West include an itinerary with white water rafting, Western Horse back riding, shotgun shooting sports or fly fishing? The typical USA ranch holiday can usually fully meet the needs of travelers looking for horse riding tours as a primary adventure activity. However, if you would like to experience the widest range of USA holiday adventures, we invite you to discover California’s premier adventure ranch.

Planning is easy. All of these activities, and more, are included in your itinerary of American adventures with our all inclusive fares. We won’t surcharge for that second box of shotgun shells, the private riding lessons, the rafting trip, or that bottle of wine at dinner. You can lock up your wallet once you have arrived.

USA West Coast Driving Tours

A target destination of our California adventure ranch, places you in proximity of some of the most renowned tourist venues in the USA. Consider Disneyland, Hollywood, the greater San Francisco area, the Napa vineyards, the Redwood Forest, or the Pacific Ocean coast line as additional venues in your itinerary. We have several pre-mapped routes that you can consider to add dimension and purpose to a drive along the Western USA coast. Consider transitioning the incidental driving into a purposed travel route with our suggested California driving tours.

American Cuisine And Western Hospitality

USA holidays with us include fully catered upscale American cuisine, complete with home-made breads, deserts, ranch grown garden produce, premium meat cuts and an inclusive beverage bar. Meals are served buffet style with all ranch guests, staff and family. Our groups sizes are small, never exceeding 30 guests on holiday, and our adventure activities are operated by the ranch owners and their immediate families. While on holiday with us you will stay in your own private, fully furnished cottage complete with all linens, private bath facilities, and stunning views of California’s lush Klamath National Forest and the Marble Mountain Wilderness.

American Adventures Engaging The Whole Family

Our signature holiday lies in selecting the best of American ranch adventures, and packaging these in a 6 day fully inclusive adventure ranch holiday that will meet the diverse interests and needs of your family or group. While we do provide rafting, private riding lessons and instructional shooting for the novices and youngsters (included in your fare), our goal is to facilitate WHOLE FAMILY participation whenever possible. You can raft together, fish, shoot, hike and enjoy an action packed USA adventure holiday in a shared group or family adventure. Bond with your family or group through shared adventures at the USA Adventure Ranch.

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