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Last week we took an unusual call from a couple asking if they could be married at the ranch on the following day.   My first thoughts were questions about the nature of the wedding, but it turns out that our Siskiyou county court house simply does not perform weddings and they hoped to get married NOW!   Since I am licensed to perform marriages, and since I find good karma in doing such, I said “yes – come on down”


I don’t charge for performing a marriage.  It seems somewhat blasphemous to go there, so I do it for free.  The ranch was in it’s spring glory of flowering bulbs, and the lawns were somewhat long, but they wanted simple, natural, and quick.  They got all three.  Both sets of our family in-laws were visiting for Easter, so we even had a bit of a seated crowd.   Here is a shot of the couple’s hands…no permission yet to show the glowing faces!   Oh,…my daughter sang a marvelous rendition of “the prayer”

Sometimes the Somes Bar Redundancy club of Somes Bar rears it’s ugly head, and here I go again with the Doug montra:   I love my job.
I get to ride horses, shoot guns, and marry people.   Some times all on the same day.   I love my job!

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