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Today we fished the Lower Klamath from Coon creek to near Blue Creek, and I have to say that I think the better fishing right now is upstream on the mid Klamath.  The fish seem to be on a fast passage through when they are in the lower stretches.  This makes sense to me as I imagine them in their migration upstream to their natal waters.  So, I think that the best success in the Lower Klamath is going to be when your presence as a fisherman, coincides with the migration schedule of a group of fish as they pass through your chosen riffle.   By contrast, if you fish the mid – upper Klamath or the Trinity, you might be fishing to more fish that have slowed the ascent upstream as they stall nearer their spawning sites.  These upstream stretches also have more in-river structure that might tend to provide longer term cover, but simultaneously make wadding more challenging.  Tomorrow I am taking the drift boat upstream to the Coon Creek – Persido Bar run, and we shall see how we do!   Here is a photo of one of our steelhead making a short detour to the bank prior to the return to spawn:

dude ranch

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