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This past Summer my first son Peter left San Leandro, left a career path in law, and returned home with his wife and two children to partner in Marble Mountain Ranch with Heidi and Me.  Pete comes with a deep love of the river, but a less than favorable opinion about horses.   However, the willing heart and desire to see a family business succeed has led him to new appreciations of our business and services.   Pete is now also fly fish guiding with me.  I don’t often get into the pictures on this blog, since I am usually behind the camera.  But on today’s Father/Son fish outing I was able to be led to the fish, have my picture taken, and do the  classic “grip and grin”.  Hey check this out!  That’s me holding the fish this time!  This nice fish came to a #6 herniator on a slow swing.

ranch sign

I don’t know if I was more proud of Pete taking me to the fish, or just happy to see a good looking steelhead.   So, we have some cooler weather, mildly cooler water, and increasingly short days.  Obviously, we also have some bigger fish starting to show up too.  Well, tomorrow I am going to fish below Weitchepec and heat up the jet boat engine.  Maybe we will heat up our fly reels as well.   As they say: tip up and a tight line to land the fish.   Doug

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