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Dude Ranches - Shared Adventures

What is your idea of an ideal USA adventure holiday? Your answer to this question probably includes a sampling of Western American Culture, quality authentic cuisine, meeting the American resident population, and engaging in adventure activities of interest to you. If you are also a tourist with a passion for horse riding and an interest in American Cowboy life, you might consider an American Dude Ranch. Dude Ranches accept paying guests on holiday who hope to personally experience aspects of traditional Western ranch life and the American cowboy experience. Modern dude ranches come in several general types. Choices of dude ranches include working ranches, resort ranches, guest ranches and include adventure activities such as shooting sports, white water rafting, fly fishing, and other outdoor adventure sports not generally available to the modern city dweller.

Marble Mountain Ranch Riding

Most ranches include some form of riding activity, we add to this with authentic Western events such as shooting sports that may not even be legal in your native country! While the variations on dude ranching can be remarkable, the common threads are almost always horses, breathtakingly beautiful scenery, exceptional cuisine, and legend hospitality. The key to choosing a dude ranch that meets your needs will be in identifying the ranch that most closely matches your interest in activity offerings.

Riding vacations at California’s dude ranch engage the entire family in a variety of Western outdoor adventures. We regularly have guest visitors from around the globe say that the Marble Mountain Ranch experience was the most enjoyable, most diverse, most adventure filled experience during their visit to the United States. This is quite a statement! Our family operated ranch, intimate setting, and uniquely diverse range of adventures, are reason that you too may find us to be your best American holiday.

We keep the guest group sizes small. Marble Mountain Ranch targets a guest population of only 24 – 30 visitors so that your holiday is both social and personal. If you can visit our ranch, your family will enter our ranch family circle as together we explore the American West. Your holiday will entertain and engage Mom, Dad, and all of the children with California’s only “ride and raft” or “saddle and paddle” activity mix. Join us for horse riding vacations, fly fishing, sporting clays, River rafting and kayaking while sampling some of the best American ranch cuisine and Western hospitality you can find.

Dude Ranch Vacations

Most visiting tourists hope to maximize their time in America by visiting a broad range of tourist destinations. The logistics of choosing a particular dude ranch will geographically place you in proximity to any number of additional USA tourist destinations. For us at Marble Mountain Ranch, this means that a first target of San Francisco is a likely choice. After sampling the renowned venues of San Francisco, a driving tour to the North will enable a stop at the Napa Vineyards, a tour through the Redwood Forest, a drive along the Coast of the Pacific Ocean, and an end destination at your riding holiday with our American adventure ranch (AKA dude ranch!). Additional tourist destinations can be mapped into your itinerary with the help of some of our local tourism associations and the Eureka chamber of commerce.

We hope you can join us on your next American Equestrian Holiday. Come experience the American West, and our sample our hospitality. Doug and Heidi Cole

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