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Yesterday my wife Heidi and my daughter Cierra and I fished the Trinity Gorge to scout for some upcomming Redding Fly Shop clients arriving next week.   The day was highlighted by total solitude, beautifull weather, three bear, two bald eagles and over 100 trout and smaller smolt.    What about the steelhead?    We again were able to spot them and the Salmon moving upstream, but could only encourage three half-pounders to strike.    The adults were lock-jawed.    I dont think the half pounders are here in numbers yet, and the current river conditions seem to motivate the fish to move, rather than to attack flies.   What a great day though!   This gorge section is remote and FAR away from the road.   It is seldom drifted by comparison to the upper runs of the Trinity, and also provides a little white-water rush on the last rapid of the day prior to take-out.   I think this is a GREAT alternative site to fish in the early season before the Mid-Klamath gets active.   As an aside, how many of you get to fish with your wives and daughters?   How many of you have wives and daughters that can row your boat while YOU fish?    Yep.   I love my life.

Good Fishin, Doug & Heidi

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