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Best Dude Ranch Vacations

The Best Dude Ranch – the one that best meets your group’s dude ranch interests and needs.

The Ranch Location

The surrounding climate and geography of your chosen dude ranch will determine the kind of horse riding you are able to do.  It will also determine the range of other supporting activities that are available. At our California dude ranch we offer what we consider to be one of the best dude ranch options and we do this based on an approach that offers greater variety in activities.  Yes, you will have spectacular trail riding options, but you will also have unmatched white water rafting, shooting sports, frontier events like tomahawk throwing, and fishing.  Our market target is an audience of mixed interest families and groups that can enjoy a week together with nobody feeling like they had nothing to do.

Our mountainous terrain provides both an intimate trail riding experience as well as a myriad of white water rafting opportunities.  By contrast, an open terrain for riding might enable more of the faster riding gates, but the flat geography will not provide steeper gradient rivers for better white water and fishing.  You might evaluate your group and their riding skills to evaluate a good match with us.  Is everybody in the group wanting to lope for long periods in open terrain?  If so, we are not the best match.  If you have mixed riding skills in your party, you will benefit from our daily arena riding, challenging variety of mountain trails, and the other supporting non-equestrian activities.

We have access to beginner and advanced horse riding trails and a covered arena for comfortable riding lessons. We also raft on the family friendly Klamath river. Each day of our rafting covers a new and exciting stretch of the river. These same runs are used for our fly fishing trips in the Fall, when we target steelhead trout on the fly.

guest ranch family rafting

We also have a shooting range with sporting clays, archery, and other frontier sports like tomahawk throwing.

The Type Of Riding

Because riding is key component of a dude ranch vacation, we maintain miles mountain trails to choose from. We match the trails to your skill and experience level. With various and evolving trail challenges, and breathtaking landscapes, you’ll find the trail riding experience rewarding and memorable.

Best Dude Ranch Trail Rides

Trail Riding along the Klamath River

Your Guides

California’s guest ranch is operated by ranch owners, family, and extended family. When you have direct buy-in from staff working on the front lines, quality assuredness is improved. In addition, Marble Mountain Ranch is approved by the Dude Ranchers Association, and all of the wrangling staff have completed the association “Horse Safety Program“. Make sure that the ranch you book with is actively involved in risk management from the top – down in it’s corporate culture.  We have a maximum staff to client ration on the trail of  1:6 and we require helmets to be worn on all of our equestrian events.  For us at the Marble Mountain Ranch, safety is the prime directive, and fun comes in at a strong second place.

You know you’re getting the best in dude ranch vacations with us because we look after every detail. From lodging and high quality home-style meals to the classic dude ranch experience, we make sure that everything is designed to make your time with us a time in your life that you will never forget. You’re getting the best dude ranch experience with us because we never settle for anything less.

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