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Culinary travel to California’s Marble Mountain Guest Ranch pairs high adventure and fine cuisine.

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The dining experience at our guest ranch is the foundation of our efforts for superior hospitality. Accordingly, our best efforts are reflected in a quality and original dining experience during your dude ranch visit. Meals here are healthy, hearty, wholesome, fresh and based on original ranch recipes with produce from our own gardens and orchards. Our menus have a basis in American traditions but are enhanced with originality and the theme of wholesome diet.

We find that fresh mountain air and invigorating outdoor activities stimulates appetites and further heightens the culinary experience at our California guest ranch.

Original Cuisine and Western Hospitality From the California Dude Ranch

pear cherrie tart

Upscale and original cuisine is the signature of our executive chef, ranch owner Heidi Cole, who brings a 44 year tenure in the food service industry to the ranch. She has published her own cookbook titled Ranch Cooking – Simply Good. She managed her family Danish pastry business, teaches at our ranch culinary retreats and carries culinary training from several universities. Here is a sample menu from three typical dinners you will find at Marble Mountain Ranch:

Guest Ranch Sample Menus

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Dinner #1: Herb encrusted Tri Tip with caper salsa, rosemary and garlic potatoes, zucchini frittata, grilled fresh vegetables, garden salad, home made French bread, marzipan plum tart, chocolate souffle with homemade vanilla bean ice cream.

Dinner #2: Fruitwood smoked turkey, poached salmon with orange mustard sauce, cheese and spinach ravioli with large shrimp and home-made pesto, steamed asparagus with lemon garlic butter, baby greens with caramelized pecans, fresh pear, avocado and gorgonzola, home-made rosemary focaccia, German chocolate cake, home made apple pie and ice cream

Dinner #3: Lavender chicken, BBQ spare ribs, seasoned quinoa, garlic mashed potatoes, fresh green beans and mushrooms, green salad, home-made beer bread, apricot cake with penuche frosting, cherry cream pie.

All of our dinners start with an hors doeuvres and social hour prior to seating. Dinners are served in a family style with ranch owners, family and staff joining you during meals. Coffee, and your choice of sparkling mineral waters and sodas are included in your fare. We find that it is often the adventure that brings visitors first to our ranch, but it is the cuisine and hospitality that brings our new friends and family back in the following years.

Fine Cuisine Based On Our Fine Produce

Some important points to our culinary success are originality, artful presentation, and our fresh organic garden produce. Much of our produce comes from our gardens just minutes prior to preparation! You may also be interested in Heidi’s cooking retreat, and her cookbook “Ranch Cooking – Simply Good” that is available from our guest ranch.

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Also, we now offer adults only Bed and Breakfast Cooking retreats. Come and enjoy a romantic get-away and enjoy the cooking class as well as the dining experience.