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I think I need to back-peddal a bit from my disclosure about the Somes Bar Liars Club as a start to today’s entry.  No matter how much editorializing, literary aggrandizing, fish talking, tall tale building and opinion sharing I present for consideration, please remember that my fishing reports will always be candid and brutally honest.  The Somes Bar Liars Club is limited in it’s corporate charter for use in purlely benign ways and is charged with entertainment of the down-trodden fishing masses and nieve Marble Mountain Ranch guests as the lofty goal.

Riding Western on Holiday

Now, Here is a quick report on the fishing prior to my hasty departure for Thanksgiving celebrations at Gram and Gramps place.   We fished Saturday with two new guests (Chris and Sean) as a significant storm moved into the North part of the state.  In spite of rising rivers, increasing rain, and logs passing us on the river (floating tree stumps can do a nice job fouling your line!), we got fish!

Here are two pictures:
However, we shut down the game for Sunday, when since the Klamath flows rose to over 6000cfs at Orleans.

The good news is that we have a stable weather pattern predicted over the 10 day forcast.  I would expect to see some new fish and great fishing in the Mid-Klamath area as the river drops.  The post Thanksgiving week might be one of the golden windows of opportunity.  Does anyone have a fly tied with Turkey feather in the recipe?   I am considering accepting a booking for the three days after Christmas, but my wife Heidi thinks it should be constrained to theme-centric fishing with green and red fly patterns.   Works for me!

See ya after Turkey Day, Doug

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