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After I lost the second day fishing last week with Chris and Sean due to rising water, it brought my thoughts back to a recurring desire for smaller drainages that are fish-able and within reach of our lodge.   The Salmon river is one option, but I have also been thinking a lot about the Klamath River upstream of Dillon, Coon Creek, Ukanom, and Clear Creek.  So, I don’t know who the last person was that took a drift-boat downstream from Wingate, but I decided to give it a look.
steelhead face

We do this stretch all summer long with ranch guests in our rafts, but there is real and justifiable concern about doing this water in a drift boat.  Never mind!   My brother-in-law Greg Squires will come up for an adventure!  Greg has a guide business called “Access to Angling” and his signature fishing style is in side-drifted bait and other conventional gear tactics.  SHAAAME on you Greg!!   Oh Well, he is also a great fly fisherman and he too is a bit of an adrenaline junky.   So, with a mutual need for adrenaline and a passion for steelheading, we formed the “un-holy alliance” between bait and fly guides.  (Did you readers also feel that tremor in the fabric of the fishing universe today?)

The short end to this story is:
1.  No drift-boats are submerged on the river bottom
2.  Greg never cast anything other than a fly

I think I might just burn Greg’s Pautzke Bait Pills pro jacket and hat and give him my Sage or Orvis hat.  Here is a view of some of the action:

The Klamath continues to produce steelhead, solitude, majestic beauty and even “warm-fuzzies” between fly guides and bait tossers.  Maybe we should TACKLE the middle-east problems next.  Doug


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