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Welcome to the Marble Mountain Ranch Blog for our Fly Fishing Guide Service.   I am hoping to use this blog as a method to keep all our website visitors up to date on current fishing conditions, changes in fish locations, and as a venue to share some of the results we are experiencing with our guide service.

Fly Fishing Holiday

As of today, we have scouted the Hoopa valley area of the Trinity and seen about 40 adult steelhead as we floated over the various riffles and holes.   We only connected with two of these fish for brief moments.   The Trinity can be a frustraing fishing venue when you can see all the fish you are missing.    We had lots of trout action though at the Mill Creek riffle, and at outher locations.   The water was low, clear and warm enough to comfortably wet-wade.

Tomorrow (Sept 10) Heidi, Cierra and I will fish the Trinity Gorge from Red Rock to Weitchpec.   We are feeling that the Klamath is still too hot and low to entice many fish into our home turf between Happy Camp and Weitchpec.

Till Tomorrow, Good Fishin, Doug

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