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 fly fishing reel

I thought I would share this photo from last year to help you all to get motivated to clean-up your gear.   Fish like this don’t stay on-the-line if your tippit is old, your hooks are dull, or if your reels are not operating smoothly.  Now is the time to get new leaders, tippit, and clean out the rusty hooks in your fly boxes!   Today I picked up our Hyde boat from the shop (for pre-season clean-up), and delivered our Willie boat for a fresh new coat of paint.  Tomorrow, I plan on a tackle-box over-haul.  On the way back into Somes Bar from Medford, the Klamath looked like split-pea soup from all of the algae.    We are in dire need of cool water in the Klamath.   I plan on staying on the Trinity or Klamath below Weitchepec untill we get some rain or cooler Klamath water temperature.    I will be posting my river temp readings in this blog as I return from fishing and give my fishing report.
Later, Doug

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