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The last storm did a nice job of blowing-out the Mid-Klamath.   (Currently the Klamath is flowing about 6000cfs in Orleans)  From here on through the Winter we will need to keep an eye on the storm patterns to catch fishing options as the river returns to reasonable flows between storm pulses.   Right now is the time to start looking in earnest to the Salmon River as a venue to Winter Steelhead.   There are fewer fish in the Salmon than you might find in the Klamath, but it will be fish-able during high water periods of Klamath inaccessibility.   With that  said, I am gathering some  friends to mount a Salmon River fishing adventure this week and  will give you ALL the details you might want in a few days.
single hand cast
Till then, fish somewhere else other than the Mid Klamath!!
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